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Innofacial Skin Care

At Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center, your skin type and skin problems are analyzed by our experts before each skin care. A special program is created for your skin type and skin problems. Complementary skin care does not only consist of professional applications. The products you will use in your home care, the application methods of these products and lifestyle change suggestions are explained to you in detail.

A professional skin care process is not just about cleansing the skin. Unfortunately, there are also centers and professionals who provide skin care that consists only of cleansing due to financial concerns. Depending on the skin problems, applications such as deep cleansing, peeling, lifting and soothing are performed. Energy based devices are used. Professional skin care is a very comprehensive process. You can do skin care yourself, which only consists of cleansing and simple care, with home devices and cosmetic products.

A person who decides on professional care should have a habit of taking care of his skin at home with cosmetic products and using sunscreen. Otherwise, the expected professional benefit will not be seen.

Innofacial is a cutting-edge laser-free skin resurfacing treatment. It is a hydrodermabrasion method that includes skin cleansing, peeling, hydration and protection. Provides clean and smooth skin without any healing process.

Innofacial Skin Care can be done in 4 seasons. Available for all of skin types. It can also be applied to those with skin problems such as blemishes, acne, oiliness, dryness, wrinkles and sagging.

In many places, you will come across registered brand names such as Innofacial or Hydrafacial being used for other devices. In this case, we recommend that you be vigilant as a consumer. The image of the Innofacial device is as in the image above and it says Innofacial. Not every device with a vacuum head gives the same effects. We also see that home appliances are offered as professional maintenance. You can also check the centers and clinics using the Innofacial device online.

How to Do Innofacial Skin Care?


First of all, your skin is gently cleaned with a professional cleanser suitable for your skin type to remove dirt and cosmetics.  We do not clean the skin with a brush because we do not find it hygienic. Then, steam with or without ozone is applied depending on your skin condition. During steam application, if necessary, a light peeling of dead skin is done with a scrubber, and if necessary, comedone cleaning is done with a comedone press. While these processes are continuing, tonic is applied with jet peel as necessary.

After the preparation of your skin for the Innofacial process is completed, the 3-stage Innofacial process begins. Innofacial applies the FDA-approved hydrodermabrasion method. The motorized and non-motorized special heads of the device apply vacuum to your skin, give serum, peel and nourish your skin. During the Innofacial application, steam continues to be applied if your skin is suitable.


In the first stage, a special serum containing AHA is applied to your skin.

In the second stage, a special serum containing BHA is applied to your skin. BHA content may not be applied on some skin types.

In the 3rd stage, a special serum containing nourishing, moisturizing, soothing and protective ingredients is applied to your skin.

After the Innofacial procedure, electrophoresis, high frequency, cavitation,   depending on your skin condition and optionally your preference.Additional applications such as RF and low intensity laser can also be performed.

At the end of the procedure, soothing serums and creams are applied to your skin. Paper and peel-off masks with special ingredients are applied. Your skin care process ends with the application of sunscreen.

How Long Does Innofacial Skin Care Last?

The process takes an average of 1 hour to 1.5 hours. The variability of the duration is determined by your skin problems and additional applications to be applied to these problems. The application may take a little shorter or a little longer than these times.

What Should the Session Intervals Be and How Many Sessions Should There Be?

In our skin care sessions, session intervals should be at least 2 weeks. This may vary from person to person, depending on skin problems and as the number of applications increases. As Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center, we recommend a minimum of 4 sessions at 2-week intervals and monthly maintenance thereafter for problematic skin. Our experts can recommend the number of sessions based on their experience, or you can come according to your convenience. As Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center, we do not offer package sales.

What Should I Do After Application?

We recommend not taking a bath until the next day after application. If your skin has sensitivity and redness due to the procedures performed, methods such as very hot showers and scrubs are not recommended. As Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center, we recommend using sunscreen and staying away from solarium on the days after skin care and at all times. In our center, you can find products of Genosys, pHformula, Theraderm, Me Line, Nature Mind and Clinic Professional brands that are compatible with our treatments.

For more detailed informationSkin Care Informed Consent FormYou can take a look at.

What to Expect After Application and Regular Application?

You will experience a smooth and velvety feeling on your skin after application. Your pores will be cleaned. If there is dullness and paleness in your skin, it disappears and shine and liveliness returns. If you attend regular sessions, you will observe a decrease in your skin problems and the formation of new skin problems.

What are Skin Care Prices?

As Estefit, we publish all our prices without hesitation. of our websiteMake an appointment You can see all our prices in the section.

You can schedule your Estefit appointments online.

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