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One of the methods we use for regional slimming at Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center is the sculptor method, which combines 4 different regional slimming applications on a single platform.

What is regional thinning?


Regional slimming is a fat tissue-reducing procedure preferred for fat in a certain area that is difficult to melt despite exercise and diet. Regional slimming is not a weight loss method. Regional slimming aims to remove excess fat. Diet and exercise are recommended to lose weight. Diet and exercise while having regional slimming procedures will make your slimming process more successful. While performing these procedures, it is recommended to consume plenty of water to accelerate fat excretion.


With regional slimming methods, you can slim down by consuming calories and engaging in physical activity in the same way, even if you do not do any diet or exercise.

What are the regional slimming methods?


Regional slimming is divided into three groups: surgical, medical and cosmetic. The surgical method is liposuction surgery. In medical methods, it is done by injecting various fat-dissolving substances into the fat tissue. As Estefit, we use cosmetic methods.

Cosmetic methods for regional slimming are procedures performed with energy-based devices. These procedures are methods such as mechanical vibration massage (G5), sound energy (cavitation), radiofrequency, galvanic current, laser lipolysis, cold lipolysis. All other methods except cryo-lipolysis help get rid of fat tissue by heating it.

Vibrating devices, which have recently been claimed to slim down the whole body, are not considered regional slimming devices because these devices provide edema relief. Regional slimming is done by targeting the fat tissue in a specific area. It will not be possible to lose weight without dieting with these types of devices. If you lose weight through diet and exercise, the fat tissues throughout your body will also decrease. Remember that the purpose of regional slimming is fat that does not melt despite diet and exercise.

What is the application of regional thinning with sculptor?

The traditional G5 massage, which has been used for decades in regional slimming, is a regional slimming and tightening method performed with a platform device that combines cavitation, bionic current and vacuum radiofrequency methods and allows it to be done more effectively and with fewer side effects. G5 massage, cavitation, bionic flow and vacuum radiofrequency heads are applied to the application area with special massage techniques, respectively. Massage techniques are very important in practice and this is one of the secrets of our success as Estefit Beauty and Life Center. These 4 applications are performed for 15 minutes each in the sculptor method and these times may vary from person to person.

The first method, G5 massage, is slightly different from the classic G5 massage. Mechanical vibration energy can be applied more controlled and effectively. The effects of classic G5 massage do not include redness, bruising, pain and edema. In the classic G5 massage, it is a great advantage that these side effects that clients complain about the most are not seen. This process, applied with a vibrating head, heats the fat with vibration energy, increases circulation and increases collagen synthesis.

The second method, cavitation, applies 80 kHz sound energy, unlike the classical 40 kHz cavitation. This increase in energy shortens the processing time and provides more effective results. With the cavitation process, the fat tissue heats up and melts like butter.

The third method, bionic current, creates heating at the skin level by giving a special current. Thus, it both increases collagen synthesis and increases circulation. As a result, cellulite appearance is eliminated and tightening is achieved.

The last method, vacuum radiofrequency, has differences from classical radiofrequency methods. While procedures such as bipolar or monopolar radiofrequency disrupt the comfort of clients by causing pain and burns, multipolar radiofrequency technology is more comfortable and effective for clients. With this method, fat cells burst like corn. With this method, both slimming, cellulite appearance reduction, increase in collagen synthesis and increase in blood circulation are observed. 

In which areas can regional thinning with a sculptor be applied?

  • hip

  • Inner Leg

  • Popo​

  • Lower Abdomen (Lower abdomen formed after Caesarean section)

  • Upper Abdomen

  • Side Bagels

  • Waist

  • Upper Arm

  • double chin

Who is suitable for regional slimming with sculptor?


The sculptor method is suitable for everyone except people who have excess fat that is difficult to melt with sports and diet and who have the following conditions. It can also be applied to remove edema and melt remaining fat after liposuction operations are completed. Due to its rapid effect, it can also be applied for purposes such as highlighting the waistline in clothes worn at special events.

For whom is regional slimming with a sculptor not suitable?

  • Those with pacemakers

  • People who have recently had a heart attack

  • Those with infection and wounds in the application area

  • Those who want to slim down in the chest area

  • Those receiving cancer treatment

  • Hearing aid users

  • Those suffering from tinnitus

  • Those with impaired blood circulation

  • Those with impaired wound healing

  • pregnant women

Is regional thinning with a sculptor painful?

Sculpting application is a painless procedure. During the application, a slight heat or burning sensation may be experienced during the bionic head and vacuum radiofrequency application.

Is regional thinning with a sculptor harmful?


There is no harm in the sculpting application. Ringing in the ear may be felt while the cavitation cap is applied. Once the application is completed, the tinnitus will also disappear.

How to apply regional thinning with a sculptor?

Before application, the application area is examined and planning is made. The application area is measured with a tape measure from 3 locations while standing and photographed. These measurements are recorded.

G5 massage, cavitation, bionic current and vacuum radiofrequency heads are applied with massage movements appropriate to the application area. In this process, USG Gel or suitable oils are applied to the application area, depending on the title.

After the application, the application area is cleaned. The application area is measured with a tape measure from 3 locations while standing and photographed. The difference between your previous measurements is evaluated together with you. In each session, a slimming of 6 - 18 cm is observed in 3 areas of the abdomen, 3 - 9 cm in the legs and 3 - 6 cm in the arms. These thinnings are average values and may vary.

How long does it take to apply regional thinning with a sculptor?

Sculptor application generally takes an average of 15 minutes to 1 hour for each title. These 15-minute periods may vary for each title, depending on your specialist's planning. In total, 1 session for 1 area is 1 hour. For each additional zone, processing time increases by 1 hour. An additional 30 minutes of time can be obtained by making an additional payment.

What should be the intervals of regional thinning sessions with a sculptor and how many sessions should there be?

Sculpting should be done once a week. Application twice a week does not have any additional effect. Session intervals longer than 1 week also reduce transaction success. The number of sessions may vary from person to person, from region to region and from expectation to expectation. For effective results, we recommend at least 4 sessions, once a week.

What should I do after regional thinning with a sculptor?

After the application, you can continue your daily life where you left off. In very sensitive skin, there may be redness or redness in the application area. This situation will pass within 1-2 days at the latest. 

For more detailed informationInformed Consent Form for Regional ThinningYou can take a look at.

What are the prices for regional slimming application with a sculptor?

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