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One of the methods we use for regional slimming at Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center is the application of cold lipolysis, which is the latest technology in the world.

What is regional thinning?


Regional slimming is a fat tissue-reducing procedure preferred for fat in a certain area that is difficult to melt despite exercise and diet. Regional slimming is not a weight loss method. Regional slimming aims to remove excess fat. Diet and exercise are recommended to lose weight. Diet and exercise while having regional slimming procedures will make your slimming process more successful. While performing these procedures, it is recommended to consume plenty of water to accelerate fat excretion.


With regional slimming methods, you can slim down by consuming calories and engaging in physical activity in the same way, even if you do not do any diet or exercise.

What are the regional slimming methods?


Regional slimming is divided into three groups: surgical, medical and cosmetic. The surgical method is liposuction surgery. In medical methods, it is done by injecting various fat-dissolving substances into the fat tissue. As Estefit, we use cosmetic methods.

Cosmetic methods for regional slimming are procedures performed with energy-based devices. These procedures are methods such as mechanical vibration massage (G5), sound energy (cavitation), radiofrequency, galvanic current, laser lipolysis, cold lipolysis. All other methods except cryo-lipolysis help get rid of fat tissue by heating it.

Vibrating devices, which have recently been claimed to slim down the whole body, are not considered regional slimming devices because these devices provide edema relief. Regional slimming is done by targeting the fat tissue in a specific area. It will not be possible to lose weight without dieting with these types of devices. If you lose weight through diet and exercise, the fat tissues throughout your body will also decrease. Remember that the purpose of regional slimming is fat that does not melt despite diet and exercise.

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a process that causes regional slimming by freezing the fat tissue, causing the fat cells to die. A cold lipolysis device is used for this procedure. We use the FDA-approved device called Clatuu 360 in the cold lipolysis application we perform at Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center. Cold lipolysis is an extremely safe procedure when performed with appropriate devices. Unfortunately, in our country, inappropriate devices are used because they are not carried out with sufficient supervision. By typing the brand of the cold lipolysis device into internet search engines, you can see who uses the device and with these references you can understand whether it is a good device or not. Another situation where the consumer is misled is that procedures that are not cold lipolysis are called cold lipolysis. 

To which areas is cold lipolysis performed?

Cryolipolysis can be performed on any area of the body with fat tissue thicker than 2.5 cm. The most preferred areas with cold lipolysis:

  • hip

  • Inner Leg

  • Popo​

  • Lower Abdomen (Lower abdomen formed after Caesarean section)

  • Upper Abdomen

  • Side Bagels

  • Waist

  • breast in man

  • Back area (fat under the bra)

  • Upper Arm

Cold Lipolysis Regions

Who is cryolipolysis suitable for?


Cold lipolysis application is especially suitable for people who do not have much time. These people can get rid of excess fat in the desired area with a single session of cold lipolysis. By combining our cold lipolysis application with the sculpting method, we can get much faster and more effective results. When we perform sculpting after cryo-lipolysis, the desired results can be achieved with fewer sculpting sessions. The only disadvantage of cryolipolysis is that it is not a firming procedure. For tightening needs, we recommend the sculpting process after cold lipolysis.

Who is cryolipolysis not suitable for?

  • People with cold allergies

  • Those who have a disease that develops due to cold (paroxysmal nocturnal hematuria)

  • Those with Raynaud's Syndrome

  • Those with impaired blood circulation

  • Those with impaired wound healing

  • People who have recently had a heart attack

  • pregnant women

Is cryolipolysis painful?

After the cryo-lipolysis head is applied, a slight pain due to cold is felt for the first 5 minutes, and then no pain is felt as cold anesthesia develops. When the headgear is removed, pain may be felt for 1-2 minutes during the massage.

Is cryolipolysis harmful?


Cryolipolysis is a regional slimming method approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). Cryolipolysis method is accepted by the FDA as a safe and effective method for regional slimming. After the cryo-lipolysis procedure, you can continue your daily life where you left off.

How is cold lipolysis done?

How is Cold Lipolysis Done?

Before the application, the application area is prepared and made suitable for the procedure. Then, a special wipe impregnated with special antifreeze solutions and produced for the cold lipolysis process is laid on the area to be treated. This wipe is important to prevent your skin from being damaged during cold lipolysis. If a suitable wipe is not selected, there is a high probability of cold burn on the skin. Unfortunately, we also encounter the use of wipes that are not suitable for cold lipolysis in order to reduce costs.

After covering the skin with a special wipe, the head of the cold lipolysis device is placed on the wipe and the skin is pulled into the device head with vacuum. This vacuum also ensures freezing of only the fatty tissue. Thus, there is no risk to your internal organs. After sufficient vacuum is applied and the head is fixed to the area, cold application begins between -3 and -9 degrees Celsius. The cold application process takes 30-60 minutes. No other intervention is made with any person during this process.  During cold application, the person may feel mild pain for the first 5 minutes due to the cold. After 5 minutes, cold anesthesia develops and no pain is felt.

At the end of the process, the device cuts off the vacuum and the head is released. The cap is taken over the area and the frozen fat tissue is massaged for 5 minutes to disperse the frozen mass and warm the area. After the procedure, the person can continue his daily life.

How long does cryolipolysis take?

A maximum of 2 caps can be worn at the same time during the cold lipolysis process. An average of 1 hour is required for each 2 titles. 3-4 titles take 2 hours, 5-6 titles take 3 hours, and 7-8 titles take 4 hours. Headgear can be worn all in one day or spread over several days, provided that they are all in different areas.

What should be the cold lipolysis session intervals and how many sessions should there be?

Cryolipolysis is a one-session procedure and, although it varies from person to person, if necessary, a cap can be placed on the same area again after 1 month at the earliest. Headgear can be worn in different areas whenever desired.

What should I do after cryolipolysis?

After the application, you can continue your daily life where you left off. There may be redness or slight bruising in the application area. This situation will pass within 1 week at the latest. A very slight uncomfortable feeling may be experienced when moving in the application area. This feeling will pass within 1 week at the latest. Loss of sensation to touch may develop in the application area. This loss of sensation will resolve within 2 weeks at the latest.

For more detailed informationInformed Consent Form for CryolipolysisYou can take a look at.

What are the prices of cold lipolysis?

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