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Genosys Snowcell

Genosys Snowcell Enzymatic Skin Care

At Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center, your skin type and skin problems are analyzed by our experts before each skin care. A special program is created for your skin type and skin problems. Complementary skin care does not only consist of professional applications. The products you will use in your home care, the application methods of these products and lifestyle change suggestions are explained to you in detail.

A professional skin care process is not just about cleansing the skin. Unfortunately, there are also centers and professionals who provide skin care that consists only of cleansing due to financial concerns. Depending on the skin problems, applications such as deep cleansing, peeling, lifting and soothing are performed. Energy based devices are used. Professional skin care is a very comprehensive process. You can do skin care yourself, which only consists of cleansing and simple care, with home devices and cosmetic products.

A person who decides on professional care should have a habit of taking care of his skin at home with cosmetic products and using sunscreen. Otherwise, the expected professional benefit will not be seen.

Genosys is a world-famous skin care products brand originating from South Korea. Genosys brand products and treatments are available only in select centers and clinics. Professional skin treatments of the Genosys brand are applied with the same protocols all over the world. Genosys' Snowcell product is applied for its anti-blemish and anti-aging effects. Although this product is a peeling, it does not strip the skin and cause sensitization, it suppresses the enzyme that causes blemishes and delivers anti-aging products to the skin.

Genosys Snowcell Enzymatic Skin Care can be applied in 4 seasons. Available for all of skin types. It can be applied to those who have skin problems such as blemishes, wrinkles and sagging.

Advantages of Genosys Snowcell Enzymatic Peeling:

  • Hormonal-induced blemishes

  • As a support for spot treatment

  • Provides anti-aging effect

  • Results can be obtained in a short time.

  • The application is painless and inflammation-free.

  • It has no side effects.

  • It can be applied in all seasons.

Differences of Genosys Snowcell from other peelings:

  • Known chemical peelings work by peeling the upper layer of damaged skin. This The condition causes the skin to become sensitive and the epidermis to thin. enzyme peeling It lightens the skin color by suppressing the enzyme that causes blemishes on the skin. For this reason, it gives more effective results on the skin than other peelings.

  • Since its peeling effect is almost non-existent, the person can immediately add it to his daily life. may return.

  • With the serum applied after peeling, the moisture of the skin is increased and growth factors are increased. Completing skin care and structuring the skin with peptides and antioxidant ingredients is provided.

  • Offering a complete care concept, peeling is a powerful care concept on its own. ∙

  • Blemish treatments for hormonal blemishes by taking advantage of the enzyme suppression effect. It can be used as supportive treatment.

How to Perform Genosys Snowcell Enzymatic Skin Care?


Only Genosys branded products are used in the Genosys Snowcell Enzymatic Skin Care process.

1) Your skin is cleansed with Snow O2.

2) The upper dead layer of the skin is cleaned with a scrubber.

3) Genosys Snowcell Peeling product is applied to your skin with a cotton bud and left on your skin for 5-10 minutes.

4) A solution containing growth factor, antioxidant, collagen and sodium hyaluronate is applied to the skin using an iontopheresis device.

5) HSC is applied to the skin with a cooling handpiece.

6) Hydro Cool Modeling mask is applied to the skin and left on your skin for 15-20 minutes.

7) Creams such as MFC or MVC are applied for moisturizing purposes according to your skin type.

8) Cover the skin with BBC or MSC 40+ sunscreen and finish the procedure.

How Long Does Genosys Snowcell Enzymatic Skin Care Last?

It takes approximately one hour.

What Should the Session Intervals Be and How Many Sessions Should There Be?

Although session intervals vary from person to person, they are generally 2-3 weeks. The number of sessions is between 4-12 sessions depending on the skin condition.

What Should I Do After Application?

We recommend not taking a bath until the next day after application. If your skin has sensitivity and redness due to the procedures performed, methods such as very hot showers and scrubs are not recommended. As Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center, we recommend using sunscreen and staying away from solarium on the days after skin care and at all times. In our center, you can find all products of the Genosys brand that are compatible with our care.

For more detailed informationSkin Care Informed Consent FormYou can take a look at.

What to Expect After Application and Regular Application?

You will experience a smooth and velvety feeling on your skin after application. Your pores will be cleaned. If there is dullness and paleness in your skin, it disappears and shine and liveliness returns. If you attend regular sessions, you will observe a decrease in your skin problems and the formation of new skin problems.

What are Skin Care Prices?

As Estefit, we publish all our prices without hesitation. of our websiteMake an appointment You can see all our prices in the section.

You can schedule your Estefit appointments online.

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