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Stretch Mark Care

At Estefit Safranbolu Beauty and Life Center, you can have our stretch mark care procedure done to make the stretch marks in your areas such as your abdomen, chest, arms and legs less visible.

Some treatments can be done to reduce the appearance of skin stretch marks that occur due to various reasons such as weight gain and loss and pregnancy. With these treatments, the appearance of skin cracks can be reduced. Unfortunately, there is a method that will completely remove skin cracks. With these applications, the appearance of skin cracks varies from person to person, but can be reduced by up to 80% with regular sessions.

A special vacuum device is used in our crack care application. First, the cracked area is prepared with special products. Then, the cracked area is irritated with the device. After application, there is a color change in the cracks and this color change may last up to 1 week.

The newer the cracks, the greater the application success. You can get better results if you use the recommended care products after stretch mark care.

Stretch mark care is not a treatment or medical practice. For such situations, it would be more appropriate to consult your doctor.

How to Care for Crack?


A special device with adjustable pressure is used for crack maintenance. Before the care, special solutions are applied to the application area to prepare you for the care. With these solutions, your skin is kept for a while. You may feel tingling or a slight burning sensation during this time. These solutions have an effect of increasing the blood supply to the crack area. The device head is then moved with a massage that includes forward and backward movements along the crack and vacuum is applied.

How Long Does Crack Treatment Take?

Crack care takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the size of the crack area.

What Should the Session Intervals Be and How Many Sessions Should There Be?

Crack care session intervals should be 3 weeks. The number of sessions must be at least 3. Up to 6 sessions can be done depending on need.

What Should I Do After Application?

After the application, you can continue your daily life where you left off. You should protect the application area from sunlight and solarium as long as the application continues. You should use the home follow-up products recommended for you regularly. 

For more detailed informationInformed Consent Form for Stretch Mark CareYou can take a look at.

What to Expect After Application and Regular Application?

After the first session, a shortening in the crack length and a narrowing of the crack will be seen within 2 weeks. The stretch mark color will be closer to the skin color. This situation will get better as the sessions continue.

What are Crack Care Prices?

As Estefit, we publish all our prices without hesitation. of our websiteMake an appointment You can see all our prices in the section.

You can schedule your Estefit appointments online.

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