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Would you like to become a branch of Estefit Beauty and Life Centers?

If you have decided to operate in the beauty and aesthetics sector and want to take the first step to be successful, how about becoming a member of the Estefit Beauty and Life Centers family?

Humans have made every effort to look beautiful since the moment they began to exist. For this purpose, various care, cure or technologies have been developed to ensure beauty from the first day until today.

The beauty industry, which is growing rapidly due to the development of technology, is more prominent in today's Turkey than in the past. Women and even men have realized the importance of the concept of beauty and contributed to the formation of the "beauty market".

As the Estefit Beauty and Life Center family, we reduce your risk to zero and guarantee your success with all our support in your investment.

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Franchising Process

1. Meeting and Compatibility Analysis

It is the stage where the parties meet and pre-feasibility for the franchise is carried out. First, the preliminary application form for the franchise is filled out, and the goals and profits of the parties are examined based on the win-win principle. It is determined whether franchise work can be done.

You can access the Estefit Beauty and Life Center franchise application form by clicking here. Once you fill out your application form, our team will contact you and a meeting will be scheduled.

After your franchise acceptance is made; In the process of finding your workplace, renting and signing a contract, Estefit provides consultancy, decoration, device installation, product placement, etc. Provides support in stages.

2. Filling out the Application Form

3. Physical Studies

4. Trainings

When the physical work is completed, your management staff and employees are trained by Estefit Academy and they are ready to serve.

4. Consulting

The opening event is organized. Advertising and promotional activities begin. As long as you are our franchise branch, your staff and employees are trained at regular intervals and consultancy is provided to your business.


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